About Me


I am an award-winning photographer and educator based in Arizona. I first picked up a camera when I was just 8 and immediately fell in love. I have been fortunate to have now photographed over 450 weddings throughout my life and add about 30-35 more each year. Each and every one of them is special and unique. It is truly an honor to be part of them and capture photos for my clients that I hope help them "re-live" the magic of the day.


As a family we love adventure. We've traveled together in our mini-van across the country for an entire month visiting amazing destinations along the way. We have traveled to South America a few times and even spent two months there one year. We love learning about other cultures and exposing our kids to many different ways of life so that they have a good understanding of how many different people live. We love using YouTube to learn new things together, and tackle any challenges we might have.


One of our favorite things to do as a family is host parties. Nearly every month there is some kind of big party at our home, whether it be a surprise party for someone, end of school, Halloween, New Year or even Prom. Yep, Prom! We have hosted prom at our home the last couple of years, each time with a few hundred teenagers and my favorite DJs in Arizona. We love living life to its fullest and creating experiences and memories that we will be able to talk about for many years to come.


In addition to shooting weddings, I also have spoken on numerous stages and in front of thousands of other photographers teaching photography techniques. I love helping others learn the art. Here is an example of one class I gave at the WPPI Photo Conference in 2018. This was just months after my mother passed away. I always knew she'd love to watch me teach, and in my mind, this was her first opportunity to be part of the experience.


The most impactful shoot I ever did would have to be when my family and I visited the Nivacle Indian Tribe up in Northern Paraguay. We drove six hours from Asuncion thru the unpopulated Chaco. We stayed with the tribe for 3-days, and throughout our time, I took hundreds of photos that I printed on waterproof paper and gave to the families. It was an enriching experience. Here is an image I grabbed of my two boys hanging out with some of the boys from the tribe. We brought boxes of Ring Pops, which were hugely popular.


When I'm not with my family, supervising a party at the house, or shooting a wedding, you might find me coaching on the soccer field. It's one of my favorite hobbies and provides me an excellent opportunity to spend time with my kids. This photo is from our last game of the season when my Co-Ed teen team put on some glow-in-the-dark "war paint" for the final match to go out with a bang. I think coaching is one of the best opportunities parents have to volunteer time to be a better influence in the community and lead by example. The world needs awesome coaches!