Style of Photography

I'd like to believe my style of photography has a uniqueness about it. I love combining the commercial feel of photographs that would look good on the cover of a wedding magazine with the editorial feel of those images that capture the emotion and movement of the day. I am inspired by clothing catalogs such as Anthropologie and music videos. I realize grandma would love a shot of you smiling at the camera so I will be sure to include a few of those. But in the end I usually produce more photos you would be proud to hang on your wall and less of those staring directly at the camera.

Prompting vs. Posing

Instead of posing a couple I prefer to give them prompts. So as an example we might go to a beautiful area of their venue have the couple look at me and then on the count of three look at one another and try to guess the same color. While the idea sounds quite silly on paper it results in great photos of couples smiling, laughing and enjoying one another. Prompts bring out the natural reactions which is what I love to photograph.

Using Light in Photographs

As a photographer I've been trained to shoot both outdoors and indoors and will either use natural light or create my own if needed. The beauty of natural light is the speed in which you can shoot. Using natural light is a talent that often goes unrecognized since it's not often taught in schools that are based indoors. But as a wedding photographer with over 300 weddings and nearly equal amount of engagement sessions I have had lots of experience shooting outdoors and love using natural light whenever I can. 

Perfection with Flash Lighting

While I prefer a naturally lit environment I am also ready to produce stunning images no matter what Mother Nature decides to hand us on your wedding day. Not only have I been trained extensively to use flashes but I teach workshops and speak at conventions to other photographers around the world on how to use them. I especially love using light to create beautiful images at sunset or capturing a signature photo of the couple as they do their grand exit through a tunnel of sparklers, even in the rain like the photo above.