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Thank you so much for stopping by the site. Enjoy your look around. Be sure to jump over to my about page to see my wife and six kiddos. They are truly the pride of my life! In addition, I've tried to make the site full of information including more about my style, my pricing, even full galleries from weddings. Scroll down to get started. 

 As Seen In

from Getting ready til the grand exit - always full day coverage

I absolutely love weddings. It's why I've chosen to specialize in shooting them. As a photographer, my job is to capture your story so looking back on the photos you can remember your special day. That's why I feel it's important to include full-day coverage in every wedding collection!

Wedding coordinators and DJ's really love the fact I will be there till the end so they have more flexibility setting up the timeline of events during the reception.

Yes, digital images are included in every package

We live in a digital age. Most will want to share their wedding photos with all their friends and family through email, Facebook and Instagram. I make the process very easy. Every collection comes with edited high-resolution digital images uploaded to an easy-to-use online gallery. You will also have the rights to print and share the images however you wish. 

If you would like world class prints, I do have partnerships with some of the best printing presses in the country. They make sure the colors are just right and that the quality of the print will stand the test of time. On the other hand if you want to do your own prints, you have permission to do so. 

From Nebraska to Nairobi, Scottsdale to Sienna

As a wedding photographer based in Arizona, I shoot about 20 weddings a year here in our beautiful state. I photograph an additional 10-15 each year outside of Arizona, sometimes in the US but often throughout the world.

Sousa, Dominican Republic

Canberra, Australia

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

I've photographed weddings in Australia, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Italy, and Mexico as well as many other countries. From small intimate elopements to large glamorous parties with celebrities in attendance. I have photographed weddings of all types.

San Francisco, CA

Sun Valley, ID

Cape Cod, MA

New York City, NY

Florence, IT

If you are interested in having me travel to photograph your wedding you can learn about my travel pricing in the frequently asked questions


I am always on the lookout for moments of emotion. I feel like they tell the best story of your day. For some, that might mean enjoying a laugh together, for others it might mean wiping a tear from your loved one's cheek. 

Whether it be tears or laughter, these are the types of photos I love the most!

you will spend a lot of time picking out the right details

Planning for a wedding is a lot of work. Lots of decisions go into finding the right colors, picking the right flowers, choosing which jewelry to wear and of course many other elements of the day. As your photographer, I will do my very best to capture all of these details.

If you would like to see a whole gallery dedicated to wedding details click onto my portfolio page where you'll find one gallery entirely dedicated to sharing these types of photos. It might even give you some great ideas for your own wedding. 

together we'll plan the perfect time for romantic sunset photos

Capturing the beautiful painted skies of a sunset, while properly lighting a couple, requires a specialized skill set. This is something I love doing and even teach to many photographers in workshops.

It might be a nice crisp silhouette, or you both lit perfectly as a couple against the gorgeous sky—these photos typically end up being the ones you turn into a canvas for your home or two-page spread in your wedding album. 

One of the keys to getting great sunset photos is proper timeline planning. This is something I'll help you do so we have the best shot at getting the photo if Mother Nature decides to put on a show on your wedding night. 

Receptions are a lot more than just a cake cutting. I will be there for all of it. 

If you are looking for me during the reception look towards the dance floor. That is often where I will be documenting the fun, laughter, killer dance moves, and emotions of all your friends and family. You won't find me on the edges of the room checking my phone to see what time it is. 

Receptions are so much more than a first dance and cake cutting. Photographs might include the groom stepping outside with his friends to smoke a cigar. A grandma dancing with her grandson on his wedding day. Or maybe an awesome shot of your friends racing towards your bouquet to catch it. 

This will be the best party you'll throw your entire life. You deserve to have it photographed from start to finish.

Go out with a bang

Some couples like to finish up the evening with one final romantic slow dance, others might enjoy running through a tunnel of sparklers. Whatever you decide, I want to photograph it. One couple left their wedding at the end of the night and had me follow them to their favorite ice cream parlor where they shared an ice cream. It was incredibly sweet! 

Even in the pouring rain, Sydney and Jordan achieved a sparkler exit. Loved it! Lauren and Eric took a 10-minute break from the dance floor to escape outside and do a fun "Love" sparkler photo.


Your wedding photos are not only for you, they are also for your children and grandchildren. Your photos will be part of the legacy you leave so that your memories never fade. 



When planning for a wedding I realize your time is important. To make things easier for you I've posted my pricing online. If I were planning my own wedding I would appreciate having that information at my fingertips. If you have questions though or a special request please feel free to contact me. I would love to talk with you. 



Does it look like I would be a good fit as your wedding photographer? If so, I would love to hear from you. I'll check the calendar to make sure your date is open and then we'll set up a time to get together in person, video chat, phone or even text. Whichever you prefer. Looking forward to receiving your message. 

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